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Michele Rullo

Computer Engineer

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I'm a Computer Engineer based in Rome, Italy, passionate about Graphics Programming and Game Development. I'm a (Arch)Linux enthusiast, and I love open source software. I enjoy exploring new technologies and learning new things.

In my spare time I play guitar while I'm not planning my next trip. I'm a sea lover who thinks that life experiences are as much important as professional knowledge.

My favourite motto? Think out of the box!

Latest Projects

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Photon Mapping Ray-tracer

C++ custom implementation of Photon Mapping raytracing technique for global illumination.

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Onion Packer

Onion Packer

Texture palette software developed with Electron

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2D HTML5 Game developed with Phaser

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App Mobile Rental

My Games on itch.io

A collection of games developed by me.

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Other Projects

El-Gamal Encrypted Chat Open Source

Encrypted chat based on El Gamal encryption scheme.

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Mailslot Linux Kernel Patch Open Source

A mailslot module implementation for Linux.

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MSc Thesis

A Flexible Architecture for Secure and Anonymous Web Crawling.


BSc Thesis

GPU-accelerated Fast Fourier Transform for Interactive Visualization of Audio Signals.


Work Experience

Senior Developer - CoinCrowd (2018 - Present)

CoinCrowd is a Blockchain company featuring its own DAICO protocol that enables fair token sales.

Co-Founder & Lead Developer - Hubern (2016 - 2018)

In Hubern we believe in people value. We aim to connect Companies with their perfect Collaborators.

Mobile Engineer - PromoInside (2016)

We help entrepeneurs and professionals to earn more, proposing them technological innovation and proximity marketing solutions.

Freelancer - (2012 - 2015)

Various custom jobs.

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